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Rather than ordering one topic at a time, order all Physical Education Teach Yourself Series Topics 1 to 6 and save $59.70.

Each topic is a stand alone booklet presenting theory, questions and solutions, ideal for self-paced learning.

This package contains all 26 booklets for Physical Education. It is a powerful study and revision tool that improves students' understanding of each topic resulting in improved grades.

Each topic will include:

  • A detailed review of the topic
  • Review questions
  • Solutions to all review questions

The topics included in this Physical Education Teach Yourself Series package:

  • Topic 1 - The Human Body in motion: Musculoskeletal system (Unit 1)
  • Topic 2 - The Human Body in motion: Cardiorespiratory system (Unit 1)
  • Topic 3 - Physical Activity, Sport, and Society (Unit 2)
  • Topic 4 - Contemporary issues associated with physical activity and sport (Unit 2)
  • Topic 5 - Movement skills - skill acquisition (Unit 3)
  • Topic 6 - Movement skills - kinetic biomechanical principles (Unit 3)
  • Topic 7 - Movement skills - kinematic biomechanical principles (Unit 3)
  • Topic 8 - Movement skills - coaching and instruction (Unit 3)
  • Topic 9 - Movement skills - Sociocultural, Factors, Practice strategies and feedback (Unit 3)
  • Topic 10 - Movement skills - practice strategies and feedback (Unit 3)
  • Topic 11 - Energy for physical activity: fuels (Unit 3) 
  • Topic 12 - Energy for physical activity: Characteristics of energy systems (Unit 3)
  • Topic 13 - Energy for physical activity: Interplay (Unit 3)
  • Topic 14 - Fatigue and Recovery (Unit 3)
  • Topic 15 - Energy for physical activity: Oxygen uptake (Unit 3)
  • Topic 16 - Energy for physical activity: Acute Physiological Responses (Unit 3)
  • Topic 17 - Training program: components of fitness (Unit 4)
  • Topic 18 -Training program: activity analysis (Unit 4)
  • Topic 19 - Training program: assessment of fitness (Unit 4)
  • Topic 20 - Improving fitness: training sessions and monitoring (Unit 4)
  • Topic 21 - Improving Fitness: Training Principles (Unit 4)
  • Topic 22 - Improving Fitness: Training Methods (Unit 4)
  • Topic 23 - Improving Fitness: Psychological Strategies (Unit 4)
  • Topic 24 - Improving Fitness: Nutrition and Hydration (Unit 4)
  • Topic 25 - Improving Fitness: Chronic Adaptations (Unit 4)
  • Topic 26 - Legal and Illegal Substances and Methods (Unit 2)

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