ATAR Score

At TSSM, we can help you to increase your chances of getting into the tertiary course of your dreams. It just takes a little forward planning, and some dedicated study time. The first step in this process involves understanding ATAR.

What is your VCE ATAR?

The Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) is a nation-wide ranking system that enables tertiary institutions to compare the results of students who have completed different subjects as part of their VCE/HSC qualification.The ATAR is used exclusively by institutions for the purposes of ranking school leavers for admission into tertiary courses. In Victoria, ATAR results are issued by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) and are used by VTAC.

Wondering how to calculate your ATAR?

VTAC uses VCE results issued by VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority) to calculate an ATAR score.

  • However, the ATAR is technically not a score, although many refer to it as a score;- it is a rank (which shows a student's achievement in relation to other students).

The ATAR is developed from an aggregate produced by adding:

  • ATAR subject score in English, English Language, Literature or EAL
  • The next best three ATAR subject scores permissible; and
  • 10% of the fifth and sixth permissible ATAR subject scores that are available.

It’s important to remember that ATAR is not actually a score. ATAR is a ranking system in which your results are compared and calculated against all other VCE / HSC students in Australia.

Contact for more information and an approximate ATAR calculator.

Want to maximise your ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank)?

Tens of thousands of students have used TSSM's exam preparation programs to assist them in maximising their ATAR.  You too can achieve excellent results with TSSM on your side.

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Courses requiring an ATAR of between 80.00 and 99.95

  • Australian Catholic University
    • Exercise and Sports Science (Melbourne)
  • Deakin University
    • Architecture/Construction Management (Geelong Waterfront)
    • Arts/Law (Geelong)
    • Arts/Law (Melbourne)
    • Biomedical Science (Melbourne)
    • Business (Sports Management) (Melbourne)
    • Commerce (Dean's Scholars Program) (Melbourne)
    • Commerce/Law (Geelong)
    • Commerce/Law (Melbourne)
    • Commerce/Science (Geelong)
    • Commerce/Science (Melbourne)
    • Criminology/Law (Geelong)
    • Engineering (Engineering Scholar Program) (Geelong)
    • Exercise and Sport Science (Melbourne)
    • Exercise and Sport Science/Business Sport Management (Melbourne)
    • Food and Nutrition (Melbourne)
    • Health Science/Arts (Melbourne)
    • Information Technology (Honours)
    • Information Technology (Professional Practice) (Geelong)
    • Information Technology (Professional Practice) (Melbourne)
    • International Studies/Law (Geelong)
    • International Studies/Law (Melbourne)
    • Law (Melbourne)
    • Law/Science (Geelong)
    • Law/Science (Melbourne)
    • Management/Law (Geelong)
    • Nursing/Midwifery (Geelong Waterfront)
    • Nursing/Midwifery (Melbourne)
    • Nursing/Psychology (Melbourne)
    • Property and Real Estate/Commerce
    • Psychology (Melbourne)
    • Public Health and Health Promotion/Commerce (Melbourne)
    • Science and Technology (Melbourne)
    • Wildlife and Conversation Biology (Melbourne)
  • Charles Sturt University
    • Physiotherapy (Albury-Wodonga)
  • LaTrobe University
    • Agricultural Science/International Development (Melbourne)
    • Arts/Arts Educatiion (Melbourne)
    • Biological Sciences (Advanced Science) (Melbourne)
    • Business/Information Technology (Melbourne)
    • Civil Engineering/Business (Bendigo)
    • Civil Engineering/Science (Bendigo)
    • Computer Science (Honours)/Electronic Engineering (Melbourne)
    • Electronic Engineering/Telecommunication Engineering (Melbourne)
    • Health Sciences in Dentistry/Dentistry (Bendigo)
    • Health Sciences/Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics (Melbourne)
    • Health Sciences/Dietetic Practice (Melbourne)
    • Health Sciences/Occupational Therapy Practice (Bendigo)
    • Health Sciences/Occupational Therapy Practice (Melbourne)
    • Health Sciences/Physiotherapy Practice (Albury-Wodonga)
    • Health Sciences/Physiotherapy Practice (Bendigo)
    • Health Sciences/Physiotherapy Practice (Melbourne)
    • Health Sciences/Speech Pathology (Bendigo)
    • Health Sciences/Speech Pathology (Melbourne)
    • International Relations (Melbourne)
    • Journalism (Melbourne)
    • Journalism (Sport) (Melbourne)
    • Law (undergraduate entry) (Melbourne)
    • Law/Arts (Bendigo)
    • Law/Arts (Melbourne)
    • Law/Business (Bendigo)
    • Law/International Relations (Melbourne)
    • Law/Media Studies (Melbourne)
    • Law/Psychological Science (Melbourne)
    • Law/Science (Melbourne)
    • Legal Studies (Melbourne)
    • Nanotechnology/Science (Melbourne)
    • Natural Resources Education (Bendigo)
    • Nursing/Midwifery (Melbourne)
    • Outdoor Education (Bendigo)
    • Outdoor Environmental Education (Bendigo)
    • Science (Honours)/Nanotechnology (Melbourne)
    • Science Double Degree Program (Bendigo)
    • Science Double Degree Program (Melbourne)
    • Wildlife and Conversation Biology (Melbourne)
  • Monash University (Clayton)
    • Accounting (Caulfield)
    • Accounting and Finance (Clayton)
    • Accounting/Banking and Finance (Caulfield)
    • Accounting/Management (Caulfield)
    • Aerospace Engineering (Clayton)
    • Aerospace Engineering/Science (Clayton)
    • Architecture (Caulfield)
    • Arts (Caulfield)
    • Arts (Clayton)
    • Arts (Global) (Caulfield)
    • Arts (Global) (Clayton)
    • Arts (Global)/Commerce (Clayton)
    • Arts (Global)/Commerce (Science)
    • Arts/Commerce (Clayton)
    • Arts/Economics (Clayton)
    • Arts/Education (Primary) (Clayton)
    • Arts/Education (Secondary) (Clayton)
    • Arts/Law (Clayton)
    • Arts/Management (Caulfield)
    • Arts/Marketing (Caulfield)
    • Arts/Science (Clayton)
    • Arts/Social Work (Caulfield)
    • Arts/Visual Arts (Caulfield)
    • Banking and Finance (Caulfield)
    • Banking and Finance/Law (Clayton)
    • Behavioural Neuroscience (Clayton)
    • Biomedical Science (Clayton)
    • Biomedical Science (Scholar Program) (Clayton)
    • Biomedical Science Advanced with Honours (Clayton)
    • Biomedical Science/Commerce (Clayton)
    • Biomedical Science/Engineering(Clayton)
    • Biomedical Science/Law (Clayton)
    • Biomedical Science/Science (Clayton)
    • Biotechnology (Clayton)
    • Business (Caulfield)
    • Business (Penninsula)
    • Business (Psychology) (Caulfield)
    • Business Information Systems (Clayton)
    • Business Law (Caulfield)
    • Business/Visual Arts (Caulfield)
    • Commerce (Clayton)
    • Commerce (Dean's Scholars Program) (Clayton)
    • Commerce/Aerospace Engineering (Clayton)
    • Commerce/Business Information System (Clayton)
    • Commerce/Economics (Clayton)
    • Commerce/Engineering (Clayton)
    • Commerce/Law (Clayton)  
    • Commerce/Science (Clayton)
    • Computer Science (Clayton)
    • Deans Scholar's Program-Arts (Clayton)
    • Economics (Clayton)
    • Engineering (Clayton)
    • Engineering/Arts (Clayton) 
    • Engineering/Law (Clayton)
    • Engineering/Pharmaceutical Science (Clayton)
    • Environmental Engineering/Science (Clayton)
    • Health Science/Business (Caulfield)
    • International (Clayton)
    • Journalism (Caulfield)
    • Languages (Clayton)
    • Law (Clayton)
    • Management/Marketing (Caulfield)
    • Marketing (Caulfield)
    • Mechatronics Engineering (Clayton)
    • Mechatronics Engineering/Arts (Clayton)
    • Mechatronics Engineering/Science(Clayton)
    • Medicine/Surgery (Parkville)
    • Nursing/Emergency Health (Penninsula)
    • Nutrition and Dietetics (Clayton)
    • Pharmaceutical Science (Parkville)
    • Pharmacy (Parkville)
    • Pharmacy/Commerce (Parkville)
    • Physiotherapy (Parkville)
    • Psychology (with Honours) (Clayton)
    • Science Advanced with Honours (Clayton)
    • Science Scholar Program (Deans Scholar)
    • Science/Computer Science (Clayton)
    • Science/Education (Secondary) (Clayton)
    • Science/Engineering (Clayton)
    • Science/Law (Clayton)
    • Software Engineering (Clayton) 
    • Sport and Outdoor Recreation/Education (Primary) (Clayton)
    • Sport and Outdoor Recreation/Education (Secondary) (Clayton)
    • Visual Arts (Caulfield)
  • RMIT University
    • Accountancy (Professional Accountacy) (City)
    • Accountancy (Accountancy) (City)
    • Aviation (City)
    • Biomedical Science (City)
    • Computer Science (City)
    • Construction Management (City)
    • Criminal Justice Administration (City)
    • Economics and Finance (City)
    • Engineering-Areospace (City)
    • Engineering-Areospace/Management (City)
    • Engineering-Automotive (City)
    • Engineering-Civil and Infrastructure (City)
    • Engineering-Civil and Infrastructure/Management (City)
    • Engineering-Environmental (City)
    • Engineering-Mechanical (City)
    • Engineering-Mechanical/Management (City)
    • Engineering-Mechatronics and Manufacturing (City)
    • International Business (City)
    • International Studies (City)
    • Journalism (City)
    • Marketing (City)
    • Media (City)
    • Professional Communication (City)  
    • Psychology (Applied Science) (Bundoora)
    • Psychology (Applied Science) (City)
    • Psychology (Social Science) (City)
    • Social Work/Psychology (Social Science) (City)
    • Software Engineering (City)
    • Textile Technology (Applied Science) (Brunswick)
  • Swinburne University
    • Dean's Scholarship, Faculty of Higher Education Lilydale (Lilydale)
    • Engineering (Biomedical) (Hawthorn)
    • Film and Television (Prahran)
    • Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship-Arts and Social Sciences (Hawthorn/Lilydale)
    • Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship-Design
    • Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship-Engineering
  • The University of Melbourne
    • Arts (Parkville)
    • Biomedicine (Parkville)
    • Commerce (Parkville)
    • Environments (Parkville)
    • Oral Health (Parkville)
    • Science (Parkville)
  • Victoria University
    • Law (City Queen and Footscray Park)
    • Law/Arts (City Queen and Footscray Park)
    • Osteopathy (City Flinders)

TSSM can help you enter the tertiary course that you desire

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The ATAR scores listed above are indicative scores as provided in the VTAC Guide. Contact for more information.

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