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VCE Global Politics Exam Preparation

Achieve your true potential with TSSM’s head start and exam preparation courses that are specifically geared towards the VCE study design. At TSSM, we cover VCE Global Politics with more detail than any other provider in Victoria. Choose from a range of head start and exam preparation courses and develop a sophisticated understanding of your subject that will put you head and shoulders above the rest come exam time. With a track record of tutoring students who achieve some of the highest ATAR scores in Victoria, TSSM has distinguished itself as a premier VCE service provider, covering the intricate details of the study design.  Join the ranks of our high achieving alumni by enrolling in one of our courses today.

  • Our head start and exam preparation courses for VCE Global Politics are offered in the smallest class sizes available in the state, ensuring that you get more information and interaction from your class's VCE Global Politics teacher, who is a qualified senior VCE teacher with ample experience in helping VCE students be the best they can be.
  • You will benefit from our extensive team of qualified Global Politics teachers, most of whom are current VCE assessors. They will provide you with many in-depth programs covering the study design for VCE Global Politics for Unit 3 and Unit 4 throughout the year, right up to exam time.
  • Get the practice you need with a wide range of TSSM VCE Global Politics exam papers and exam style questions.  Use our resources to refine your exam technique, strengthen your subject skills and boost your confidence.
  • Our courses go beyond the standard study design of Year 12 Global Politics, providing you with a broader context for your studies as well as helping you to understand the core concepts in detail.
  • With well over a decade of experience in VCE education, let TSSM help you achieve your best in the VCE Global Politics exams.

In addition to our course information detailed below we also provide professional tuition service, please read for more information.


TSSM's Professional Private Tuition Service

Our Professional Private Tuition Service is a “Live and Online” program designed to equip and provide students a leading edge to achieve sucess during their final years of schooling. They will have access to the most experienced and qualified VCE teachers and VCAA asessors, which will be an invaluable resource in their preperations for upcoming SACs and other major asessments.

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Global Politics Summer School - Head Start - Unit 3

Students will be instructed on all Unit 3 Areas of Study including; Global actors; and Power in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Investment: $165.00

Global Politics Winter School - Mid-way Revision and Head Start - Units 3 & 4

Students will gain an extensive Revision and Consolidation of all Unit 3 Areas of Study including: Global actors; and Power in the Asia-Pacific region. Students will also receive a thorough Head Start on all Unit 4 Areas of Study including: Ethical issues and debates; and Global crises.

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Investment: $165.00

Global Politics End-of-year Exam Revision Program - Units 3 and 4 Melbourne

Students will achieve a complete and practical exam revision of all Units 3 and 4 Areas of Study including; Global actors; Power in the Asia-Pacific region; Ethical issues and debates; and Global crises.

Please select Venue, Date and Time for the 'Conquer the Exams' seminar:

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Investment: $91.00

Small Interactive Classes Easter Holiday Program Our Guarantee TSSM's Live & Online Private Tuition VIP Member
"Such a great holiday program, gaining much benefit heading into the next terms work."
- Kyle Oneil
"The notes that I was given will assist me in more detailed explanations in my essays."
- James English
"The notes are very specific, detailed and helpful. I am definitely going to use them as my main form of study."
- Crystal Garner
"This revision program has been so useful! My knowledge of what to write about on the exam is so much broader and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do really well on the exams!"
- Emily Mumme
"I gained extra motivation and understanding in my studies as well as extra confidence. TSSM was the best thing I did for my schooling."
- Natalie Studdert
''TSSM's intensive weekly tutorials have reinforced the work I do at school. The notes are excellent and straight to the point. Time well spent."
- Hong Fei Ting
"It was brilliant! Such a good presenter really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Definitely will come back for the end of year lectures."
- Simone Milenkovski
"TSSM has consolidated my knowledge on the areas of my study and it has significantly increased my confidence in my future exams. I am glad I chose TSSM."
- Anthony Tran

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