Testimonials on Hanna Farah our Success Speaker

  • "Helpful. I learned of many useful tips that will assist me in VCE." Nimesh Fernandos
  • "We gained knowledge on some key strategies and specific skills and self-talk that sets us on the right mindset to focus on VCE." Jenny Nguyen
  • "Beneficial. Through this program I learnt not only how to be successful at VCE, but at life." Selnour Toul
  • "Mindblowing. Numerous insightfuil skills to kick start my VCE studies" Prislene Singh
  • "Helpful. I feel more prepared to manage the upcoming VCE year and I think that I will do well." Dante Romeo
  • "The lecture was extremely engaging and included a large amount of real life examples that helps place the exams and life into perspective. The use of music also made it easier to pay attention to the lecture. The advice was also very detailed yet concise. It was an exceptional lecture." Gabrielle Veksler-Lam
  • "I learnt better ways to do well without huge amounts of stress bringing me down." Samantha Johnstone
  • Knowledge of what to do in my exam but also in life. Great session." Ardie Wallis
  • "I gained more confidence for the exams, but also had a 'reality check' about things that I should adjust in my life to make it better." Natasha Damjanovic
  • "Through the 'Conquer the Exams' session, I was able to gain a knowledge of how to prepare before and during exams and how to think through life after exams, and the future." Nina Fujii
  • "I have gained confidence towards my exams and I have learnt some great study tips that will definitely help me during my studies." Alysha McDonald
  • "Very, very good. Amazing talk, Hanna is an interesting speaker who keeps you engaged, which is great!" Luke Mason
  • "I've gained so much information. After all the frustration with my past exams, Hanna made me think outside the box and motivated me so much more than I could believe. I would recommend the lecture to anyone who wants to achieve their best." Nipuna Dissanayake
  • "I gained motivation. I feel happier with my achievements and the presenter has provided me with the courage and will to put a lot more effort into my work. He was a great presenter that kept the lecture going without making it boring. That tip about baroque music is definitely a strategy I will implement. Thank you!" Vicky Komninos
  • "I received good insight on how to prepare for exams and stay calm. Good, useful strategies I can use not only for VCE but for life." Michaela Kaoullas
  • "I gained tips like playing baroque music, and not just thinking about the outcome, but working hard every day." Sandeepa Suriyage
  • "It was a real confidence boosting experience that I would recommend to other students." Hayley Purcell
  • "The Seminar gave me insight for the upcoming exams and actually defined what studying and the learning process was, something overlooked at school." Clarence Alphanso
  • "I gained the confidence to tackle exams without stress in spite of fear." Lauren Pollock
  • "Informative, empowering." Alexandra Wheeldon
  • "A greater understanding of how to perform well in VCE." Erin McBride
  • "Such a great program, very enthusiastic - Amazing!" Alexandra Bennett
  • "Relevant to life, not just exams." Claire Stubs
  • "A unique insight into how I can approach the rest of the year and a renewed motivation to do well." Kate Lawrence
  • "The presentation was really engaging. I feel more confident for my two VCE years and I am glad I attended it." Long Lan
  • "I am more encouraged and relaxed after hearing the seminar. I feel more confident about achieving my ATAR and goals for VCE." Aarushi Ranjan
  • "The seminar helped me develop skills in time management and prepared me mentally for the hard year ahead." Jessica Francois
  • "I have learnt to prioritise my time and approach VCE in a positive way." Yunan Wang
  • "Starting off year 12 was daunting and stressful, especially when you know you only have one chance to achieve a certain score. But the seminar was inspiring and encouraging, educational and worthwhile - it really changed my view on my last year of high school." Danielle Maistry
  • "Inspirational. Gained little tips and tricks to help me with my VCE this year and I feel I am in a good position to do well in VCE." Shaun Pye
  • "It was very interesting to be given other ideas and opinions that will hopefully benefit us in our VCE.” Aleksandra Mellups-Smith
  • “Inspiring. This seminar has inspired me to take control of my life and start to make changes.” Brittney Jones
  • “Excellent. It was engaging and helpful. I enjoyed it and would love to attend again.” Vicki Saad
  • "It made me see a way to achieve my goals and also want to work harder.'' Tayla Corngari
  • ''Interesting. The Conquer the Exams Program gave me a lot of good advice for my studies and also life in general'' Boris Pang
  • "Useful. To be honest I was not expecting to gain as much from this as I have. I would recommend for anyone to keep their mind open and come along." Laura Sheeran
  • "Thorough but concise. This program was a very well rounded, useful course to not only maximise my VCE success but also maintain balance and a sense of contentment and achievement. Thank you!" Eva Deutscher
  • "Ace. Baroque Music- interesting, I will try. Confidence, study advice, speaker very interactive and easy to understand and get along with." Claire O'Connor
  • "Inviting. Good study techniques, exercise, eating habits." Amanda Vukovic
  • "It's not the first time I've been told to do some of these ideas, but now it's probably the first time I will try them." Ben Mililli
  • "Motivational. Insight into very productive techniques, motivation to do my best, different mindset on how to achieve." Kate Borninkhof
  • "Energetic. Motivation to do well and learnt how to study effectively." Rania Hatzopoulos
  • "Helpful, resourceful. Readiness for the unit 3 in biology. Things to look out for and techniques including answering questions, reading etc. Setting the right mindset for the program (VCE)." Snezana Radojevic
  • "Informative. I've learnt how to answer various types of questions that may occur with the exam." Laura Knott
  • "Informative. Better understanding of answering questions." Kester Fong
  • "Educational. How to increase study effort and enthusiasm towards being positive about myself. Be healthy." Dustin Hollis
  • "Informative. Skills that I can not only use in VCE but also apply to the rest of my life." Michelle Agnew
  • ''Motivational. I'm more motivated and feel ready that I can go and do something to help me with VCE." Pam Cowie
  • "Motivational. This seminar taught me ways on how to succeed not only in VCE but also in life. I gained lots of motivation from this seminar." Shaun Pye
  • "Informative. I gained a lot of information that I know will help me through the coming year. I definitely know how to keep myself motivated now." Niusha Ravadgar
  • ''Inspirational. Helped my motivational levels which I really needed, made me feel more confident about myself and my VCE studies." Maddison Beck
  • "Beneficial. I was able to clarify my VCE goals, discover things that can possibly motivate me and discover tolls to increase my organisational skills. I found this seminar very helpful." Madeline McKinlay
  • "I have learnt a lot about myself, my strengths and weaknesses. Now it is much easier to achieve my goal because I know where I need improvement!" Nikol Zun
  • "How to manage time, how not to be stressed, nutrition, exercise requirements, how to develop good memory, how to create a study plan, concentration skills." Sayonne Sivalingam
  • "Excellent. More self-confidence and great techniques I could use in succeeding in VCE." Kosta Katsaros
  • "Fantastic. Understanding the pressure and expectations of going into VCE." Natalie Santopietro
  • "Successful. I gained a lot about time management and especially about how to do a study plan. Presentation was EXCELLENT!!!" Virnushee Balendran
  • "Inspiring. I feel I've gained a lot of insight into how to take on this very important year and feel more confident that I can succeed with hard work and proper planning." Sam Gan
  • "I gained better ways to manage my time but most importantly I gained the motivation to apply strategies to help me succeed." Chelsea Quirk
  • "Fantastic. Great advice on study techniques and how to prepare myself for VCE- Feeling a lot more confident." Jennifer Endresz
  • "Helpful. It helps people to build up confidence to face VCE and helped us gain study skills that will help us in upcoming years." Piumi Bamunuarachchi
  • "Encouraging. Learnt great ways to improve the way I study and not to be so negative." Stephanie Ritchie
  • "Helpful. It was inspiring to know we can achieve VCE success." Briony Chappel
  • "Eye-opening. Very encouraging - I'm quite a lazy person so giving me the advice to go to my goals & remind myself of my 'promise' each day was quite beneficial for me. I won't let you or myself down." Helena Proimos
  • "Inspiring. Really really helpful. Heaps of great tips & info to get through VCE. A+."   Morgan Tantau
  • "Inspiring. I feel more inspired to study, especially as we were given a personal experience from the speaker on how it worked for him." Ellen McCaffrey
  • "Motivational. It was motivational and it helped me in understanding how to succeed better in VCE." Marrissa Setyabudhi
  • "Amazing. This program was so much more than I expected, and gave me so many new skills and strategies that were simple and easy to do at home. It made me so much more enthusiastic about study and year 12 in general and was all round a great session. Thank you so much!" Charlotte Durand
  • "Helpful. Helpful skills to make VCE a less stressful and beneficial time to do my best." Jesenia Biskic
  • "Entertaining. Learned valuable study skills. Learned ways to concentrate more." Jemma Croft
  • "Fantastic. Strategies to succeed and achieve my goals for VCE." Clinton Alexander
  • "Awesome. Excellent study skills, organisational skills, self-respect." Abraham Bamford
  • "Helpful. It was useful as it provided an idea of what was to come and how to plan and prepare for VCE." Michael Hanrahan
  • "Informative. I learnt that with a little bit of thought anything can be achieved. Also, that there is a lot more time available to me than I thought I had." Niam St. John
  • "Positive. I learnt that by having a positive mindset it can help you succeed." Leigh Dean
  • "Effective. I learned about special tips I could use in VCE as well as improve my attitude in order to get higher results."
    Shiamalan Thanaskanda
  • "Positive. I now know what is involved in succeeding in different aspects of life and what attitude to have." Jon-Anthony D'Asta
  • "Fun. It was an easy to follow presentation (though I'm not sure if it was to do with the music) and I know I'll try some of these methods." Jarrod Bunyan
  • "Motivating. It gave me more confidence to success in VCE and it made it seem possible and an achievable goal. Many helpful skills." Clarisse Bonello
  • "Fantastic. The program really cleared a lot of things up for me; it made me feel motivated and confident with my studies and the ability to do well in VCE. I found the strategies really good and effective and feel they will help me with my studies." Ema Biskic
  • "Extraordinary. A very inspirational and helpful program, which answers the questions you really can't get answered. Great speaker, with a clear tone, very engaging." Vaibhav Verma
  • "Helpful. I really enjoyed it. I felt that I learned a lot and feel confident for my upcoming VCE years." Zoe de Kock
  • "Confidence. I found it very interesting and this program has highly boosted my confidence into achieving my full potential of a high ENTER score. Thank you Hanna! You are awesome." James Mangaliman
  • "Worthwhile. New ways and ideas on how to manage time and inspiration to do well." Rachel Lee
  • "Helpful. Inspiration to do my work and go well in VCE." Ourania Hatzopoulos
  • "Inspirational. Firstly Hanna Farah was a great speaker, he kept my attention for the full 4 hours and was really funny. The whole lecture was very broad and was extremely helpful. Thank you!" Natalie Studdert
  • "Helpful. I gained valuable skills which I know that are good and are easy to implement on a daily basis and I learnt these very easily from the excellent presenter." Adrian Falso
  • "Brilliant. After attending 10 or more study skills lectures, this lecture offered by TSSM is the best study skills program that I've ever attended." Julian Jom
  • "Motivating. Practical skills that are easy to implement, work at and improve on. Thanks heaps, it was great. Really glad I decided to come." Laura Ensor
  • "Motivational. I gained skills in time management, how to overcome procrastination and achieve better VCE results."
    Viktoria Tasova
  • "Marvellous. I gained a lot on motivation and how I can motivate myself. Also I am not as stressed about VCE as I was."
    Tugba Cayhan
  • "Motivational. An idea of what levels of work are needed for success and the mindset I need for that success." Trent Stevenson
  • "In depth. I am motivated and understand what it takes to achieve my best in VCE and life." Nick Jackson
  • "Eye opener. It has taught me how to handle VCE and not to get bogged down. It has also taught me how to challenge myself further." Amandeep Singh
  • "Motivating. It was a good insight on how I can improve my methods of studying to gain optimum results. I truly believe that the tips and strategies will benefit me in my attempt for VCE success. Thank you very much for the seminar." Fatmir Azemi
  • "From attending this program I gained tips and reassurances on excellent habits. It felt good to attend a program like this once in a while. It makes me feel better. I think I have gained a lot and hope to use it effectively. Thanks for all I have gained." Janki Solanki
  • "Fantastic. A basis that will enable me to build on. Advice on how to work towards my goal. Fantastic program that I gained so much from." Xavier Loader
  • "I found the Advanced Blueprint to VCE Success program to be very interesting and the techniques taught, which I have tried have seemed to be very effective so far." Jack Sun
  • "Inspiration to do well and to do my best in everything, to always think positive. It inspired me!" Jackie Cachia
  • "Easy to understand, the presenter relayed information, comparing it to his own life. I felt it was very productive, I feel more confident in achieving my VCE goals! Thank you." Ashleigh Greenaway
  • "I learnt a lot from Hanna and I really enjoyed listening to him. He had great energy and I'd love to come back to TSSM later on in the year.'' Maria Voidis
  • "I found my view on VCE was changed in a matter of 8 hours. You hear things you won't find on the internet." Estella Vu
  • "In a span of 3 hours, I've gotten more useful advice from the seminar than from anyone for the past 3 years." Paul Hoang
  • "Hanna is an incredible and inspirational speaker, who truly knows what he is talking about. Anyone could gain heaps from watching him." Connor Warren

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"Such a great holiday program, gaining much benefit heading into the next terms work."
- Kyle Oneil
"The notes that I was given will assist me in more detailed explanations in my essays."
- James English
"The notes are very specific, detailed and helpful. I am definitely going to use them as my main form of study."
- Crystal Garner
"This revision program has been so useful! My knowledge of what to write about on the exam is so much broader and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do really well on the exams!"
- Emily Mumme
"I gained extra motivation and understanding in my studies as well as extra confidence. TSSM was the best thing I did for my schooling."
- Natalie Studdert
''TSSM's intensive weekly tutorials have reinforced the work I do at school. The notes are excellent and straight to the point. Time well spent."
- Hong Fei Ting
"It was brilliant! Such a good presenter really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Definitely will come back for the end of year lectures."
- Simone Milenkovski
"TSSM has consolidated my knowledge on the areas of my study and it has significantly increased my confidence in my future exams. I am glad I chose TSSM."
- Anthony Tran

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