September Holiday English Program Testimonials

  • "I gained more insightful knowledge in how to achieve well in English. Presenter was awesome and had so much passion." Danielle Henwood
  • "I believe I have gained a better understanding of the two texts and feel more confident and prepared for my exam. It was most definitely worth the time and money." Georgia Conroy
  • "The program helped me revisit criteria and information that I have forgotten. It has definitely allowed me to feel more confident with the exam." Santin Li
  • "I gained a better understanding of the course outline and how to describe 'Encountering Conflict'. I also learnt not to just stick to the prompt and explore themes and styles." Charlotte Fawcott
  • "Getting ideas from different teachers and the approach of the exam is very good. Having extra summary notes is also great for revision. The teacher did really well in engaging the class." Lina Omran
  • "I would highly recommend this to any student studying English, the workshop was really interactive, and I was able to clearly identify my views on the texts during discussions, solidifying my ideas!" Acacia Geve
  • "I have gained insight to what examiners look for that I didn't know before, and some more tips in getting the edge in my essay writing." Jessica Spence
  • "The teacher for my 'Identity and Belonging' program was incredible. She had a deep understanding of current issues and course content. I have gained a lot and feel thoroughly prepared to excel in this area of my VCE." Eva Marchingo
  • "Good summary of all the English unit of context - 'Encountering Conflict'. Makes it easier going into revision period for end of year exams, consolidating notes and revisiting texts." Abi Assender
  • "The notes are very helpful. I found the teacher very engaging and therefore learnt quite a lot." Keira Schaefer
  • "I gained a lot of new insight into text and different aspects of context study and the vital role conflict has in influencing and altering our society." Acacia Geve
  • “With this program I gained a better and deeper understanding of The White Tiger, which will allow me to write a better essay for the exam. The teacher was fantastic, she gave us her interpretation, which was a lot deeper that what I knew and she explained it all very well.” Erin Mitchell
  • “The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and insightful; was able to explain things in a more in-depth, clear and applicable way than my school teachers. She was also very patient and interactive.” Cara Rundle
  • "I've gained a much broader depth of knowledge on my texts for Identity and Belonging and knowledge on context in general." Chloe McNamara
  • "The presenter was really good and friendly; she was very easy to follow and provided useful information." Aloisa Budisavljevic
  • "I feel more confident approaching my Exam now and I have many more ideas on how to respond to prompts and what kind of prompts I may receive in the exam." Kaitlin White
  • "I gained new knowledge I hadn't been taught in class. I was good to hear different things from others my age. Thank you for a great day!" Ashlea Rigg
  • "This program gave a thorough explanation of what to expect for our Year 12 English exam. The breakdown of prompts and sharing of ideas was particularly helpful!" Bonnie Barkmeyer
  • "This session has helped me access the complex titles of my text study and how I can link them to the context effectively. I feel more confident about integrating the text into my writing, leaving me more informed and relaxed about the exam." Sarah Broome
  • "It was very well presented, didn't feel out of place. Was very welcoming." Alix Barrie
  • "The Whose Reality seminar offered deeper discussion and collaboration of ideas which has helped me to gain a broader understanding of the context. Whilst also providing me with specific ideas for the exam." Eden Giagnorio
  • "Anna was insightful, knowledgeable and challenged my thinking. She encouraged me to pursue ideas and moved me to disprove them to see two sides to an argument." Leah Milburn-Clark
  • "The teacher was highly engaging and knowledgeable. This has given me great confidence in what I've learnt." Jade Calle-Warwick
  • "English is one of my weaker subjects but after attending the lesson. I feel much more confident and prepared." Grant Ong
  • "Provided a different perspective on the text, allowing for a deeper understanding. Really helped." Jeremy Manson
  • "Wider views on text, challenged the way I thought about the text." Rebecca Whittall
  • "I believe I gained a much stronger understanding of the text 'Cosi'. Aspects covered in this lecture far surpass the depth I studied at school." Dillon MacDonnell
  • "Very clear and thorough. Explains everything. I gained great knowledge. So helpful for exams and prompted ideas." Keelan McDonald
  • "A thorough understanding if what examiners are looking for, and an insight on how to construct multiple structures and layouts of an array of pieces. Great vocabulary advice." Portia Old
  • "Greater insight into the text. The presenter, Lisa Younes was fantastic. It was a highly informative and valuable session." James Cordery
  • "So far the best revision session I have ever been to. Extremely helpful and a unique and effective formula for success. The presenter was incredibly engaging and prepared." Jessica Satkunan
  • "A good depth into the context part of the exam." Sophie Eason
  • "A different and more sophisticated approach to language analysis." Alyssa Pullar
  • "It enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of aspects within the novel that I had generally overlooked." Sanara Dissanayake
  • "Really useful comprehensive notes. A chance to go over all texts in detail." Shannon Leane
  • "Greater insight into the text. The presenter, Lisa Younes was fantastic. It was a highly informative and valuable session." James Cordery
  • "The notes that I was given will assist me in more detailed explanations in my essays." James English
  • "The presenter Ms. Shiel was very helpful as she focused on going through the given notes in depth. Also providing us with in depth definitions of words in a successful attempt to expand our range of vocabulary." Jessica Clark
  • ''TSSM provide information to perfection, very useful and cover all areas for exams. Exceptional small class leaving us to have an interactive lecture. Teachers are professionals and their time and effort to put this lecture together is evident in the class." Risati Mataupu
  • "I gained tremendous insight into the examination techniques on essay writing, how to analyse articles and what to write and what not to write on an exam. I also learned how to write a proper introduction, body and conclusion as well as the techniques and tone of the piece of writing." Oguz Ates
  • "I gained valuable information on ideas and concepts in the film that I had not confidence before." James English
  • "The presenters were very intelligent and well spoken, they were pleased to answer any and all questions the students may have had and were comprehensive in their subject matter." Amy Carpenter
  • "The lectures so far have been very beneficial for my revision for English. Both gave me a greater insight into my texts and provided great ideas and examples for me to use for my end of year exam. Thank you TSSM." Chloe Abel
  • "The English program was fantastic! The presenter and materials were marvelous. I definitely feel more confident in going back to school for term four. I learnt a lot and reinforced many skills! Great Program." Hilary Luk
  • "I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss Life of Pi with Jean. Her Passion for the book led to many engaging and philosophical discussions and brought new ideas to the table while open to my own. Her genuine desire to help her students was evident in her additional notes constructed to identify key ideas and offering further help beyond what was expected. The session was of high quality and the small class size was a plus!" Zoe Glen-Norman
  • "I've gained so many different perspectives, I feel as though I'm semesters in front of my English class at school." Imogen Burns
  • "Extra knowledge to take into the exam. More confidence and understanding. Thanks!" Lynsey Swan
  • "I attended three revision classes that were held by TSSM. I attended the writing task, A lesson before dying and Gattaca lectures which I was very impressed by. The presenters were very helpful and I know that I really benefited from the classes. The booklets we received were excellent and I really liked the fact that the classes were small so there was good chances to interact. The venue was also very nice and an appropriate location. I would like to thank TSSM for their help in my year 12 studies.'' Amy Roehlen
  • "The presenter was very passionate and knowledgeable.'' Mariam Kassaby
  • "Very engaging and helpful notes to continue studying. Teacher was very knowledgeable, and helpful in the understanding of themes / comparison of the two texts. Resources provided are extensive and useful.'' Alannah Verrochi
  • "I found that this lecture really helped me gain a deeper level of understanding of the course content and I left feeling far more confident about going into my exam. I also found the resources provided to me extremely helpful in my revision.'' Molly Furey

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"Such a great holiday program, gaining much benefit heading into the next terms work."
- Kyle Oneil
"The notes that I was given will assist me in more detailed explanations in my essays."
- James English
"The notes are very specific, detailed and helpful. I am definitely going to use them as my main form of study."
- Crystal Garner
"This revision program has been so useful! My knowledge of what to write about on the exam is so much broader and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do really well on the exams!"
- Emily Mumme
"I gained extra motivation and understanding in my studies as well as extra confidence. TSSM was the best thing I did for my schooling."
- Natalie Studdert
''TSSM's intensive weekly tutorials have reinforced the work I do at school. The notes are excellent and straight to the point. Time well spent."
- Hong Fei Ting
"It was brilliant! Such a good presenter really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Definitely will come back for the end of year lectures."
- Simone Milenkovski
"TSSM has consolidated my knowledge on the areas of my study and it has significantly increased my confidence in my future exams. I am glad I chose TSSM."
- Anthony Tran

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