Small, Interactive classes are just the beginning!

Because we teach all of our programs in the smallest class sizes, your child will be getting one-to-one interaction with the dedicated and committed teachers that they deserve. All classes are conducted in a friendly and conducive study environment.

Not only that but we focus our programs so that their success is paramount. For instance the following survey results demonstrate our teaching success for students in 2020:

  • 56.25% scored an ATAR of above 90
  • Over 18.75% scored an ATAR of above 95
  • 6.25% scored an ATAR of above 99

Even more importantly 72.73% of the students scored a study score of 40 or more for at least one subject while nearly 3.25% of students scored a perfect study score of 50 (and a Premier's Award) for at least one subject.

The really great news, though, is that the students achieve greater levels of achievement because they …

  • Develop superior study habits
  • Enhance effective problem solving strategies
  • Increase their speed and accuracy in completing exams

And all of these go to boost their self confidence and add to their ability to optimise VCE success.

For any further queries please contact TSSM today on 1300 134 518 or by email on so that we can assist you with your child's VCE exam preparation. We can help make it a successful journey!

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"Such a great holiday program, gaining much benefit heading into the next terms work."
- Kyle Oneil
"The notes that I was given will assist me in more detailed explanations in my essays."
- James English
"The notes are very specific, detailed and helpful. I am definitely going to use them as my main form of study."
- Crystal Garner
"This revision program has been so useful! My knowledge of what to write about on the exam is so much broader and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do really well on the exams!"
- Emily Mumme
"I gained extra motivation and understanding in my studies as well as extra confidence. TSSM was the best thing I did for my schooling."
- Natalie Studdert
''TSSM's intensive weekly tutorials have reinforced the work I do at school. The notes are excellent and straight to the point. Time well spent."
- Hong Fei Ting
"It was brilliant! Such a good presenter really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Definitely will come back for the end of year lectures."
- Simone Milenkovski
"TSSM has consolidated my knowledge on the areas of my study and it has significantly increased my confidence in my future exams. I am glad I chose TSSM."
- Anthony Tran

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